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April 16, 2006

WASC Visit

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I actually wrote this on Wednesday, March 29. I just forgot to post it.

It seems we passed our WASC accreditation evaluation. Today we heard the report from the visiting committee. They seem to have been very impressed by our school.

Some things they said:

The visiting committees always create a list of strengths for the schools. Our committee chairman said a typical school gets a list of 3 to 7 strengths. They listed 18. (I think it was 18. I stopped listening around 12… Teachers make the worst students.)

Some schools also do special lessons or events in order to impress the visiting committee. One of the members commented that he was impressed that we did not. It was apparent that we were just going about our normal business. (That’s not entirely true. I did tuck in my shirt. And we got cool new name tags that I intend to wear on dates. Just kidding.)

What seemed to impress them the most was the people at our school. The teachers actually talk to each other and seem to care about the students (I will deny this.) They also commented about how mature the students seem. (I have no idea where they got that impression.)

Anyway, it was good to hear good things about our school from objective visitors. I guess I’ll take my resume off of monster.com (Just kidding Ms. Martinez!).



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