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April 5, 2005

Personal Microsoft Boycott

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I am launching my own personal boycott of . (The lack of capitalization is intentional.)

As my loyal readers know, I’m going to a conference of math teachers this week. I decided to print some business cards. Luckily, my came with a free 30 day trial of the windows office products (Including word, excel, powerpoint, etc.) So I went to the OfficeMax across the street and bought a set of Avery business cards. The packaging cheerfully tells you to use template #8371 in ms word. (I should have known that I was in trouble when word didn’t have a template #8371.)

I finally found a template I liked at Avery’s website. I downloading it and opened it in word. I started to get frustrated as I learned that working with the template is not easy. The clipart I first loaded was not the exact match for the size allocated in the template, nor did word allow me to simply click on the corner and resize. I later learned I had to:

1) Ungroup the parts of the template;
2) Resize the picture; and
3) Adjust the ruler on the side.

This took a hell of a lot longer than it would have if I could have just clicked and dragged.

I finally got a business card I liked and decided to copy it to the rest of the positions on the page. I selected and copied it. I moved the cursor to where I wanted it to go and hit paste. The stupid software, word, pasted it over the previous copy. My blood pressure really soared when I tried dragging it to its new location and word put it somewhere else. (Sometimes it put it where I indicated and sometimes it didn’t. It seemed to follow no logical pattern whatsoever.)

It gets better. After 4 hours of pulling my teeth I finally had something worth printing and the following message appeared:



To make a long story short. It took me about 30 more minutes to figure out how to:

1) Enlarge the image of my business card to almost fill the screen.
2) Capture the image, using the Grab program (that comes FREE with the Mac) and
3) Print multiple copies using the Film Factory program that came FREE with my Epson printer.

Today I learned that I really don’t like microsoft’s Machiavellian monopolies. (Alliteration accidental.) That wouldn’t bother me so much if their software didn’t suck.

So unless I absolutely have to for my work, I am no longer buying any microsoft products.


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