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March 25, 2005

NCTM Conference

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Last weekend I received my materials for the NCTM conference. (For the uninitiated that stands for the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics–or something like that.) It should be a wild party. You know how math teachers are when they get together. But remember, what happens in , stays in Anaheim…

I am looking forward to the networking opportunities. There are only 4 math teachers at my site and it will be good to meet additional people and see what they do in their classroom. (Who knows, I might also learn about available jobs… If my principal is reading this, I’m only kidding.)

I’m also looking forward to the seminars. We approach Math in terms of problem solving. The idea is that we give students real world problems and coach them through finding the solution. They develop their own strategies for solving the problem as well as their own understanding and appreciation of the math concepts. I think its called inquiry based learning.

Anyway, I’m still trying to figure out the best way to use this method. After all, I learned the old fashioned way with lectures followed by examples of applications when there was time. There are about 20 seminars related (in some way) to this approach. I wish I could attend all of them but I’ll have to settle for a few.

If I have time I’ll post the highlights here.


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