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April 16, 2006

Tax Time

Filed under: Real World Math,Taxes — Damon @ 6:16 pm

It’s probably time to start my taxes.

I just walked over to OfficeMax and, fortunately, they still had a copy of TurboTax. I used the software last year and it saved a lot of time. (If they didn’t have it I could always do the 20th century thing and fill out the papers by hand and mail them in. But I save so much money in stamps by spending $40 on TurboTax.)

I think I procrastinated a little.

I just hope I don’t run into any complications like I don’t have my W-2’s or something. I guess I could always file an extension–a beautiful thing for procrastinators. (Although penalties might apply if I owe money.) Between the state and feds the government kept over $10K of my hard earned money. (And that is just my day job.) I hope to get some of it back. (A clever student could now estimate what I make. . . . But they would need to use some algebra.)

I guess I should get started and stop procrastinating…Although since April 15 is on a Saturday, the IRS is giving us till April 17. (Hmmmm, that’s the day the Junior’s project is due…the parallels are frightening.)



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